Author: rdquinn

  • antithetical absolute

    Painting with a dry brush, the purpose of this site is to explore the thought process(es) enabling vision. This implies recognition of a cognoscenti equipped to measure discrete trajectories en practicum. If an academic support structure is able to function properly, supporting the art student as the facilitator of an internalized, creative act is to…

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  • Arbus Art (object) as Avatar (image)

    When/Where – early August, 2016: Diane Arbus exhibit, “in the beginning” at The Met Breuer. Familiar with her voice in Photography Speaks (2004), familiar with the pop icon of Twins, referenced courtesy of Stanley Kubrick in The Shining, and a total winning moment of a $15 eBay score — Diane Arbus: Family Album (2003), but…

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  • Ménilmontant

    Ménilmontant, (1924 – 1926 release) is a silent film by Dimitri Kirsenoff. Through the use of text to speech, dual-gendered audio renderings were captured and mixed to match timbre and perspective pitch. Not unlike the individual thought process to concede interpretative inquiry as defining proposition in the first person, this narration exists as artist projection/consideration.…

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