Ménilmontant, (1924 – 1926 release) is a silent film by Dimitri Kirsenoff. Through the use of text to speech, dual-gendered audio renderings were captured and mixed to match timbre and perspective pitch. Not unlike the individual thought process to concede interpretative inquiry as defining proposition in the first person, this narration exists as artist projection/consideration. Beyond inferences to transcend almost 100 years of requisite knowledge placing thespian regard for the director’s emphasis, mademoiselle need not endure the use of heavy makeup to overemphasis the visibility of emotional investment. This early celluloid captures a compelling reality: the actor – a young mother-to-be in the reflexive grasp of sobriety and being on her own; in simultaneous detachment, the director provides situational contextualisation inferred and in the added presence of a third actor/witness offering the kindness of a stranger. Transcript upon request.  

Musical accompaniment – original composition entitled ​State of Guitar vs. Ukulele, 2018. 

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